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The eGOVERNET FP6 project formally ended April 2008. You are welcome to download all documents from the website. For information please contact the Coordinator Madeleine Siösteen Thiel, VINNOVA,

eGOVERNET vitalises European eGovernment research

Uncoordinated research funding, lack of publicity and poor nation-to-nation cooperation over eGovernment research policies: these are some of the obstacles holding back the establishment of a European Research Area in the eGovernment domain. European eGovernment research needs to be boosted by a research strategy designed to work at European level. A vitalisation of eGovernment research in the Member States could feed the benefits of new technology directly into change in administrations.

The EU project eGOVERNET was launched on 1st January 2006 to help create national eGovernment RTD programmes while also encouraging integration of existing naeGOVERNET Results Overview Foldertional eGovernment programmes. The consortium backing eGOVERNET represents organisations with national programming responsibilities for innovation and research in eGovernment in their home countries, which include both the old and new member states and the associated states. The countries involved are the Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovenia and Sweden. A Joint Research Centre brings a European perspective to the consortium.

The project is being coordinated by VINNOVA in Sweden

eGOVERNET IST-2004-026575. Project Cofunded by the European Commission under FP6

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