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Interest Group and partnership building

This workpackage will manage and run the Interest Group and will take actions to create new partnerships and liaisons during the project period. The objectives are to expand the eGOVERNET network beyond the projects initial set up and to prepare for a sustainable collaboration. The role of the Interest Group is to provide a forum for partnership building and knowledge exchange around the activities of the project. Members of the Interest Group will be provided first hand information, and will also have the possibility to review and promote their own opinions within the different coordination activities in the project. The objective is also to make the Interest group into a sustainable network of eGovernment actors, to be continued after the end of the project. Members in the Interest Group will be actors and key players from public administrations, research and industry.

Some success factors are:

  • Good geographical coverage - EU and EEA countries (current and new accession countries)
  • Inclusion of the main key players - organisations responsible for national eGovernment research programmes, the research community and enterprises
  •  Active participation in the formulation process
  • High quality of the web and the collaborative environment

There are three tasks in this work package

  1. Management of the eGOVERNET Interest Grou
  2. eGOVERNET Interest Group meetings
  3. Preparing for a sustainable network.

This work package is lead by The Lithuanian Information Society Development Committee (ISDC).

Kjell-Åke Holmberg