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Transnational RTD Activities

The purpose of this workpackage is to prepare for possible future common research programmes and joint calls. The workpackage will establish harmonised and efficient evaluation and reviewing routines for the different research funding bodies involved in the project. Also the workpackage will investigate the possibility of having common test beds and document/data sets.

Some success factors are:

  • Positive feedback on the experts database
  • Pilot expert groups established

There are two tasks in this work package:

  1. Review of common evaluation procedures.

    Exploring evaluation procedures
    The eGOVERNET-project is at the moment collecting experiences from evaluation procedures regarding eGovernment in various contexts, where eGovernment may have been either explicitly or implicitly identified as a subject of interest. All international experts are most welcome to fill in the Questionnaire and send the results to the work-package leader on the e-mail address below.Download the questionnaire.

  2. Create joint expert groups and propose procedures for evaluation and review of proposed and on-going national research projects.

This work package is lead by The Academy of Sciences of The Czech Republic (ASCR).

Karel Aim